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Need suggestions for first ribbon mic please

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I've got a great collection of new and vintage mics including things like the U-47, M49, C12, 414's, etc. But I never bought a ribbon mic (had considered a 77DX years ago but didn't get it).

So now I still find myself wanting a ribbon mic (or two). I would use mostly on things like guitar, ukulele, and voice (narrative and vocals).

I'm more concerned about the versatility and getting a great, natural warm sound than budget. With so many new ribbon mics from so many manufacturers, it is hard making a decision. I don't know of where I could try out several, so I thought I'd ask here.

Would anyone care to suggest models to consider for such an application? I've been looking at the models from AEA such as their 44 recreation. Do these newer ones like AT and Shure (bought out another company) really compare soundwise to the older designs? I'm familiar with Royer too, but it seems they are very good for guitar amps and such, but don't know of anyone using it for vocals. Would the AEA stuff be better on vocals? What about acoustic strings?

Thanks for any input you'd care to offer.

tom eaton:
Beyer 160 are super versatile and great sounding mics... not a great vocal choice, though.  Great for amps, fiddles, drum overheads, etc.

I've not heard a Royer I like on voice... would love to spend some more time with an AEA R84... only used on once, and not on a vocal!


For what you are wanting it for, I would say the AEA R44, or maybe a Coles 4038.



I have a pair of R84's, a Coles 4038, an RCA 44BX, a 77DX and a Beyer 260 (with the Stephen Sank 77DX ribbon mod).  All of them are great sounding mics.  Some of the newer ribbon mics have similar sonic characteristics.

4038, rca74,77 beyer m160  


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