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What's with all the fuss about M/S?

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M/S is never a go to for me - but depending on the mix it can be a great problem solver.  

I have my Sontec MEP250EX and my DerrEsser's both switchable to working as M/S via a single button push via my Manley Backbone - and this has helped work flow immensely (especially versus my old analog M/S matrix which I would have to patch in when I wanted to use it).

Using M/S with these processors worked great recently for an album of singer/songwriter material I did where the mixes for the most part had vox straight up the center and guitars panned hard left/right.  I needed to pull each element in slightly different directions to get the requested sparkle on the guitar, while dealing with large amounts of sibilance on the vox.

Best regards,
Steve Berson

Darius van H:
I use M/S all the time, both in the analog domain and ITB.

It's one of the most powerful tools we have. IMO it's not only for fixing problems (problem fixing is overrated in mastering IMO), it's also for sprinkling on some extra fairy dust.

Whether gear passes audio more transparently via normal stereo or M/S is really irrelevent for me. If you approach everything from that point of view, you might as well just stay in bed in the morning.

Darius, I suppose it's about what your customers want. I go creative myself from time to time, throwing in everything I got, and I can see myself using more M/S in the analog domain for this purpose, too. The point of my rant is that just like any radical process, I do not think M/S should be the default.

I believe knowing your chain throughout is vital. This is why I explore and run things in L/R and M/S modes and listen what comes out. If the process adds unwanted width (even if the rest/other aspects of the process sounds good) and need to be tamed with more processing which leads to more processing.. Doesn't fit my philosophy.

After I went on a processing diet and really explored how simple a chain you can use was the date my masters got a lot better sounding and the business went up like there is no tomorrow.

So I won't stay in the bed in the morning, even if I sometimes wanted to.

Patrik T:
It's pretty obvious that a well balanced mix has a well laid out width in itself.

That math works very well in L/R mode, so there I am, every time.


I might use M/S 1% of the time.


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