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I almost bought the one Phil Duddridge & Graham whats his name the designer (back when Soundcraft was those two guys) had at the AES show in 1978.  They wanted $21,000 for the one sitting at their AES booth.  The Series 3 was their biggest experiment to that point in time.   I still have the color brochures and 3B update info.  By that time, I knew I needed automation though and they hadn't worked out how to make that happen.


He never did give me any sort of promise about what worked and what didn't, but the minute I started talking like I wanted to come out and pass some audio through the thing, my phone calls went unreturned.

Some other sucker's problem now....

Edward Vinatea:
Hard to know what you are buying.  

Sorry to hear it didn't work out... I had one on the road for a while and it was a hell of a lot of fun.


I don't know the desk well, but a couple of pals have one downtown:


They love it, tho I'm sure there are a few issues with it...


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