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I'm on my way this evening to check out this Soundcraft 3B.

I know nothing about this console...anyone have practical experience with this?  Thoughts?


Stevie Wonder used to have one much like that. I almost bought it from him at one point, because he was dumping it at a ridiculous price.

I had the similar 1600 w/patch bay years ago (mid-80's) and tracked and mixed a lot of things on it, many of which you would know (like "Legs" for instance).

It has 18v rails, so can sound pretty good, but don't give it too much level.

The build quality is not way up there, OK for a single end user, not really for a rental place. So check out all pots, switches, etc.

I am sorta familiar with this beast....worked behind a 3A  for a couple of years.

Monitor inputs dump into the mix bus so you have more inputs for mixing.

The 3A had TDA 1034 chips everywhere.


The strangest thing.  There's next to nothing about this board on the web - except for a couple of other poor guys asking if anyone knows it.  Even the Soundcraft web page suspiciously doesn't have it listed on their "older products" page.


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