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Cold season....


not sure if this is the right section of the forum but....
Ok, so this time of the year is cold season and everytime i get a cold i get clogged ears and they usually last longer then my cough or runny nose. Being engineers we really rely on our ears. What do u guys do to remedy this? Ive tried all kinds of things. I really want to do this naturally i dont like taking medicine like decongestants or antihistamines.
Any awesome secret engineer remedies out there?

thanks guys!

Clean them out!!!

Melvin Bloemsma:
a doctor,
he can look into your ears, you cant.
normally the ears take care of themselves , but in cases like that go to the dotor and let him clean them out (not with medicine) they usually do it with water, clean and no harm done.
i''m always a bit weary about sticking weird stuff into my ears except for an earcandle now and then but i even haven't touched those for a long time , i just go to the doctor now

PEACE! (what?) PEACE!! (what?)
just kidding,

Jim Sam:
Sorry for the late reply on this.  I've found a neti pot to work wonders on preventing/clipping-a-cold-in-the-bud.  It feels weird, and you look like an idiot if anyone(?) sees you using one, but it works.


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