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1000 Watt tube amp

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Mike, I suspect a classified ad in Jamaica's "Gleaner" would provide a very healthy sum from one of the many thermionically-faithful denizens.
Very Nice!

Love the amp!
Does any one know anyone in USA who is able to build 500- 1000 watt tube amps. Cant seem to find anyone. Thanks

Mike Cleaver:
Stephen Sank used to have a picture of a one off RCA power amp that delivered either 500 or 1000 watts IIRC.
He had it up for sale.
Don't see it on his site anymore.

Jim Williams:
bruno putzeys wrote on Thu, 01 April 2010 04:06
Larrchild wrote on Tue, 30 March 2010 14:56
In his circuits with rows of tv tubes or KT-88's, the load is reasonable as you say, but with 4 transmitting tubes, it's still pretty high. (9500 ohms) I'm saying transmitting tubes like 813's operating at higher voltages seem to want a fairly hi-Z load.
Looks like a pair of 813's in AB1 want 19 k load resistance @2500 vdc.
      http://faculty.frostburg.edu/phys/latta/ee/wing813amp/813dat asheet1.jpg

Ah right. I should've done my homework there (I only looked at the posted pic which showed 8 smaller tubes). 9500 is high.
Jim Williams wrote on Tue, 30 March 2010 17:38
It could win the mighty small amp award.

I'm afraid I'll always win that one.

Yea, Hypex. Did you ever finish that 2k watt module?

Back in 1977, there was a tweed Fender Champ done up by Red Rhodes. It was used in a booth at Namm. He gutted it, built two chassis, one on top, one on the bottom. He fitted 6 kt-88's in it with 2 massive transformers.

This was a 200 watt Champ! Every 10 minutes they would crank it up. By the time the SPL meter man came by, it was off. They never found the source of that volume, no one ever suspected it was "The Champ".

bruno putzeys:
The 2k module has been is in production for a year now. A higher performance one is slated for Q3 of this year or so.


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