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1000 Watt tube amp

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Slightly off-topic.. Great finally meeting you at AES!

RMoore wrote on Tue, 30 March 2010 10:04

Apparently there is the possibility of arcing with these 813's if there is a failure mode..

He's running this thing at Max rated plate voltage and is totally asking for trouble. I never ran 813's above 2250 vdc.

John Monforte:
At 2500 volts, won't it generate x-rays?

Hence the term "more transparent".
Seriously, just barely.
> 10kV they become an issue.

Moby (Mike Diack):
Sometimes 2 output tubes is enough.
Here is a Mullard design using MZ2-200 bottles (sorta like a 212 with a bowler hat)
And a locally made version of it that I inherited
(Used to power dozens of Vitavox horns at religious rallies in the '60s). 58 on stand is for scale.



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