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How sad will it be...

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Malcolm Boyce:
...if this move of venue changes the vibe of this wonderful forum.

I am more or less a lurker, but find this site, and Whatever Works in particular, to be without equal, and by a long shot.

I hope those who have continued to keep this at a level of readability, education, class, and enjoyment, don't get lost in the shuffle into these new digs.

Best wishes everyone.


--- Quote from: Malcolm Boyce on January 19, 2011, 05:30:37 PM ---...if this move of venue changes the vibe of this wonderful forum.
--- End quote ---


But while change is a scary thing and changes in communities are even scarier, I haven't seen anything on this new platform that would prevent me from coming here other than the initial shock of a new address and having to recreate my profile.

The archive issue is a touchy one but they claim that they will deal with it.  We'll have to see.


Dominick Costanzo:
... if there were no cones.

Dominick Costanzo:
... if the moderators don't take this opportunity to require all posters to be registered with their full real names

Dominick Costanzo:
... if this karma thing isn't eliminated.


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