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Rolls RP252 Stereo Compressor


Has anyone used this unit??Likes/Dislikes....Good/Bad??

Sorry, I've not used the RP-252 which you asked about.

I own and have used the Bellari RP-282 and RP-583.  On the RP-583, when I first bought it I replaced the original op-amps with lower noise/higher slewing op-amps. This really opened up the sound of the upper octave and made it much more useful.  This also really improves older Rane compressors which can be found fairly cheaply second-hand.  If you are looking for a compressor which is inexpensive and doesn't need to be modified, you might want to check out FMR's line.

With less expensive compressors, I've often found that I purchase them and then find out what they do well.  If you are going to collect several, seek to find one that use a Fet, one that uses an optical unit and one that uses a VCA for gain reduction.  Each will respond differently to signal and you will start to find what you prefer in different circumstances.



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