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Mono to Stereo Mastering

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How would you suggest this be done?  I have a world class country picker who recorded some stuff on his Mbox2 and laptop...he and George Strait's picker, and other equally renowned pickers, all instrumental stuff.  But his laptop crashed and all that was saved were mono bounces of his mixes...no tracks, nothing stereo...just mono tracks of 10 instrumentals.  He would like to see if I could restore some resemblance of stereo image to the tracks. The pieces include Classical Guitar, drums, bass, and electric guitar..nothing fancy, just elemental instrumentation.   Would you filter each mono track with low, high, mid equalizer and M/S manipulate it?  Or what might be your approach?  Thanks.

I have never heard this done in any fashion that truly sounded better than the original mono.

If they just must have stereo...

Is there any problem with the mono mixes?

What Compasspnt wrote is right, doing any pseudo stereo 'trickery'  will make the mixes that are there, sound worse.

At best you could try a subtle stereo reverb to give the impression of width........

+1 for 'if it 'aint broke, don't fix it'

there is nothing wrong with mono.  although, the best results i've had are also with the subtle stereo reverb. . .

- nick

a hint of Waves PZ22 can sometimes work wonders.


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