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Any suggestions on a mixer for a upcoming producer/engineer that just started a recording facility?

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Tomas Danko:
"E" wrote on Thu, 31 December 2009 13:03
Hi Danko,

 Thanks man and no i'm not a trollbot whatever that is lol, i'm new here with this whole forum ordeal just tired of running into brickwalls with sales man and so forth. And yea i may have had a few things wrong in my previous statement i was in a recording session at the studio and typing from my blackberry so. I just don't wanna waste any money i know the mackie 32-8 doesn't have any converters just mic pre's i think the british style perkins eq's i believe but yes the salesmen was telling me it would be a downgrade because i would be going down the quality chain being he said that the preamps in the profire 2626 are better than the preamps in the mackie. i'm not really trying to get a protools hd rig i just want a mixing console setup. but don't wanna waste money on a mixer thats gone take my quality downhill.

Fair enough.

Look at it this way, if you're going to cater to a full band then the small difference in quality between two said mic preamps (because none of them are really great but they work) may not be making as much of a difference as opposed to having a proper mixing desk that allows you to group and send things around the way you want to.

The bottom line is that a real desk will make the session smoother and you'll please the band members which leads to a better recording.

You'll be able to upgrade later on and get much better mic preamps (i.e. API, Daking, Great River etc) and further down the line more and better microphones and finally a great A/D converter.



Thanks danko man that means a lot so are u saying get the mackie for now
Simply because between the pre's on the profire 2626 and the mackie are now
Significantly differing which is to say you really can't tell a great huge difference between
Both pre's. And later I can get a toft or a allen and heath but I mean
Honestly I'm not trying to go that big just trying to accomodate what's not in this area
Which is a studio that can record bands and other genres of music within one studio
And the pricing accommodates them to because if I go to spending thousands
Of dollars on equipment like avalon or great river and toft consoles and high dollar converters then my pricing would have to go up from being
$40 an hour on vocals as far as for rapppers and soloist rnb and $65 an hour on multitracking
People don't spend them big dollars like that here in mississippi dude lol


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