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IK's StealthPedal


SonicState's 'Fat Elvis' has sat down and worked through every key feature of StealthPedal Deluxe in his comprehensive new video review.

Here are some of his comments:

"What I like most is that it gives something that is quite playable, not limited to just a specific software package."

"It has a really, really, solid casing, really quite heavy and not at all plasticky."

"What is remarkable about this pedal is that is also a controller... you can assign the pedal to any parameter."

"IK have come up with something that is really, really clever... pretty damn robust and solid."

His conclusion when asked "would you recommend it" was a simply "yes! - you get an integrated package AND all the control."

See the full StealthPedal Deluxe review on the SonicState website.


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