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BFD2 in Pro-Tools


So i'm tired of running BFD2 in stand alone mode and exporting my drum beats to WAV files, then import them in to region lists.

For the record, I play drums as well, and i'd love to record myself just playing the beats, but I only have one condenser mic & a horrible room- that won't cut it.

I've tinkered with the two programs to have them run together like one could with Reason. I just want separate tracks for the BFD2 drums and work with in pro-tools only to not only speed up the whole process, but not have to rely on the BFD2 mixer. It's nice, but I'd rather mix in pro-tools. ALSO, I don't want to eat up CPU by running it as a plug-in in separate tracks, I've done that & that is just no fun at all.

Any methods or suggestions would be appreciated!


Rail Jon Rogut:
I use an M-Audio interface at 64 samples running BFD2 standalone...  I feed the signal out of the M-Audio interface into the Digi 192 for Pro Tools HD.

I record the drums as a stereo audio track for reference and record the MIDI to a MIDI Track in Pro Tools.

After recording, save the BFD2 Preset and quit BFD2 Standalone.  You can then create a stereo Instrument or Aux Track and instantiate BFD2 on that track... and send the recorded MIDI to it.  BFD2 can send each track (Kick In, Kick Out, Snare Top, Snare Bottom, etc...) to a separate output which you can send to Aux or Audio Tracks and mix them using your Pro Tools plug-ins.

This was recorded using this method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM9l0cMn5jo  (although we used the built-in BFD2 mixer without any fx)


Great suggestion, I didn't even think about that (obviously). Thanks for your help!


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