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help for preamp or interface choice !...


Hi Guys,

I use for several years the first model of the MOTU 896... Yes, even with their bad preamp ! Now these pres are faulty (2 are totally out, and 2 or 3 are getting worse every day).

Then I'm faced with a dilemma - must I go for :

- several pres and in this case must I look for kits from either Joe Malone, FiveFish, 7 Circle Audio, or any other,
- or for already manufactured preamp interfaces.
- Or, must I change my Firewire Interface for say a TC Konnekt 48 (with 4 pres) or a Saffire 40 Pro with 8 pres...

In other words, are the "separated" mikes pres a lot better than the integrated pres of these two IEEE interfaces ? Another point that I consider is the easy way of the integrated pres : less connections, less circuits, less noise, etc.

I record mostly classical orchestra

I would say that in most cases, the separate preamps are a better choice.  Malone, 7th, Hamptone are good kits, if you do want to build yourself.

A better A>D converter will put you in better stead as well.

Good luck.

Thanks for your feedback.

Then I still have the choice in going for a Focusrite Octopre including 8 pres or just the Saffire or the TC 48 to change the converter and beginning with 4 kits from one or the other...

The cheapest solution is perhaps to buy the TC Konnekt 48 do some recordings with the integrated pres and go afterwards for other separated pres either kits or ready units.

What would you do ?


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