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paul hanley:
Hey Jared,

I've gone the OC703 and 705 route. Both 3" and 4", in many cases doubled or tripled the panels. For LF attenuation issues, I don't think you'll find anything that can annihilate your room modes, or even hills and valleys in response below 100Hz, at least effectively.

A heavy handed EQ is dangerous, so I always recommend against that, but proper use of your PEQ to get decent room response at your listening position should work.

Just get to know how your sound translates into a car stereo, a home stereo, a pair of ibuds, etc. That will be a better guide for what you should aim for in both EQ and absorption IMO. I've never though flat frequency response was delightful to listen to anyway...I still like a little BBC dip in everything given our sensitivity to that freq range.


I have to agree with the DIY recommendations.. Do  a little research and building Reflection control panels and broadband bass trapping is pretty straight ahead... go the Rockwood / Rigid Fiberglass route and get creative to make into a 'design'... Hit the corners and first reflection points for starters... then buy a few diffusors and/or tuned bass traps for any specific 'problem areas' that pop up in your evaluation..

Of course, you can always get a consultation from your local acoustic consultant and have he or she help you figure the best way to spend your budget. never hurts!!  8)


I have frequently like the sonics of rooms with absorbent ceilings. Very clean, free of honks and such.
Check if the Drop Tiles are absorbent or reflective or something else? You may be able to buy sheets of 703 or 5 with white facing to replace sections or beef them up. I think RealTraps do them. If your tiles are already 'acoustic' you might consider adding a layer of light fluffy insulation over them, for increased LF absorption.
If the ceiling is absorbent there is no need for the carpet. If it is already there, sheets of plywood under drums, fiddles, etc. should bring those instruments to life.



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