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IK goes Insane with 4x1 promo when 3,500 join in!


Dear Musician,

Due to unprecedented user demand, we have decided to extend the current AmpliTube Power Group Promotion and give you up to 4 Powered by AmpliTube products for the insane price of 1 if 3,500 users join the promotion by December 31st!!!

So far over 2,700 users have joined-in by registering one of these:
* StealthPedal
* StealthPedal Deluxe
* AmpliTube 2
* AmpliTube 2 Crossgrade
* AmpliTube FenderTM
* Ampeg

err... lest we become a billboard, though not a magazine...
that is a straight-up advertisment passing as content.

and it doesn't provide answers that today's artists demand:

does it run on 64 bit windows 7 with a three-headed matrox graphics card?  
and... can i control it from my iphone or wii ?

jeff dinces


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