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singling out Tracks in artist's songs??

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ok i am not a complete noob when it comes to recording software but still have a lot to learn on it.

really my only question at this point is if there is any software that anyone knows of that can take an already recorded track like a song by any "big name" artist and would break up the tracks to what they were in recording, or put each guitar on a separate track and the same for the drums and bass?

btw sorry if this has already been posted i don't know if it has or not. i looked and couldn't find anything on this subject but if it is then plus link the forum page it is on.

thanks a head of time for any help i get.

Absolutely not, as there should never be.

why do you say that it would help anyone trying to tab out or learn any songs by another artist. i dont see why that you say there never should be.......

sherry william:
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Please correct me if I'm off target, Terry, but I think his point was that completed songs are just that - a completed entity and meant to be taken as such. Do your own work. Transcribing songs into component parts to learn from them is as old a practice as recorded sound but the process kind of IS the point. As you listen and attempt to isolate individual parts, you learn how things fit together and train your hearing simultaneously. Important work.
There are folks who have supplied songs broken into parts for you to remix and re-mold as you wish. Trent Reznor leaps to mind, but there are a few others. And there is a book of complete transcriptions of the Beatles that is invaluable (and really makes you appreciate what George Martin brought to the table). But these are the exceptions rather than the rule. Doing your own breakdowns will teach you so much about the music that it would be a shame to bypass it with software. And now, thanks to the Internet, when you get stuck on the damn inner voicings of a Steely Dan song or similarly tough nut to crack, there are others out there who've gone down the path before you and can help you out.
This is a good thing and worth the time and work.


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