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Author Topic: Lagrimas Negras  (Read 2076 times)

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Lagrimas Negras
« on: July 16, 2004, 02:22:51 am »

If you are eligible to vote in the Latin Grammys, your vote would be greatly appreciated for:

Bebo Y Cigala "Lagrimas Negras" nominated for:

Record Of The Year
Album Of The Year
Best Traditional Tropical Album
Best Engineered Album

The album is smoky traditional Flamenco and has become a kind of "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" phenomenon in the Latin music world - that is, a totally traditional album with old-timers and young-timers that has baffled the major pop labels with its success.

Thanks much,

Alan Silverman
(Mastering engineer for "Lagrimas Negras")
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