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Audio Upgrades PIP (plug in preamp)


Jim Williams:
Announcing the availability of a new preamp module to replace the common chip IC's. It's the PIP, a 1"x 1.2" square preamp module designed to replace the common SSM2017, SSM2019, INA217 and that 1510 mic preamp chips. It's 21 discrete components using gold pins to insert into a standard dip 8 socket.

It will retrofit the mic/line amps of the Toft ATB console and also other products like DAV BG1, Trident S-20, Joe Meek, dbx 760X, Symetrix 302, Amek and D+R consoles, etc.

It has very low noise, extremely fast at a 3000v/us slew rate and very low .0002% IMD, like clear water.

Pics and specs are posted on the audio upgrades web site including pics of the Toft installation.



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