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Author Topic: wingramo  (Read 4237 times)


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« on: July 17, 2009, 02:52:12 AM »

Hey, guys! Jack, my mathematic tutor, will fly to New York next week. I don’t want to stop my study on math. However, fortunately, Jack promised me that he would continue his teaching on-line. In case of that I may forget what he taught me on line, I want to record our talk. What annoys me most currently is I don’t know how to record our talk on skyphone. Could anyone introduce some software to solve my problem? It really drives me crazy.

Hello. I really understand what you suffer now, for I have a same problem before.
My daughter studied in Cambridge University, but I and my mother lived in L.A. My mother missed her granddaughter so much that she wanted to talk with her everyday. Busy with study and extracurricular activities everyday, my daughter had less time to communicate with her grandma. My wretched mother always fell into sleeplessness for not hearing her granddaughter’s voice. One day, my friend John introduced me WinGramo Software which solved my problem perfectly. When my mother talked with my daughter by skyphone, I used WinGramo to record and store it in the hard disk. When my mother missed her granddaughter and my daughter couldn’t comfort her by talks for involvement in dealing with her matters, I would play the record to comfort my mother by my daughter’s voice. This method really works!
If you want this software, maybe you can click here: http://www.wingramo.com/Features.html. I hope it can help you too.      

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