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Best deal you've gotten off Ebay!

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Josh Carroll:
What's yours?

E-Mu 1212M Sound Card
4 25 foot Mic Cables
Pair of Studipohile BX5a's
pair of Male XLR to TRS... High Quality
2 HOSA TRS to Female XLR
Pair of Proline Desktop Mic Stands
2 25' Speaker Wire 1/4"
A lot more...

All for... 25 bucks shipped to my house.

Electric Warrior:
wow, what a bargain.

I got an Electro Harmonix Big Muff ∏ (ram's head version)for just over 100

1979 Rhodes Mark 1 mint, almost perfect.
Im sure I paid market value but it is just too sweet!
I consider it a great deal, the best off e-bay so far.

a new pair of ADAM P11A's for a $1000.00  At the time about 60% off.

18 ft carvel timber boat with a 6 hp Yanmar diesel,$2,350.No rot, no broken ribs... Only had to spend a further $300 to get the motor going.


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