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Viitalahde wrote on Wed, 08 September 2010 16:33
what puts me off with the side mounted option is the extra furniture needed, I'd like to keep the upcoming room really simple. If I ever changed my mind, getting rid of a big TV is probably easier than with a $700 Sound Anchor.

FWIW, you might not need extra furniture, per se. For my 2nd DAW,  I have a small (17" widescreen) monitor low and off the side of my Sterling desk via a Moview arm.  Works well, nothing on the floor, just kinda floats there sturdily.  Wouldn't want to have to stare sideways for doing things with my primary DAW, but this one is my capture/assemble machine, so my use of it is less sound-critical.  

I use teleport so that my main rig's keyboard and mouse will take over control of the Mac Mini that runs DAW2 by just option dragging the mouse-cursor off the left edge of the main rig's screen.  I also have it installed on my MacBook so if put that on the console to check mail etc, I can drag in either direction and use the MacBook to control either DAW.




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