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I'm curious to hear how many of you guys have a small, tilted rack in front of you instead of a full-blown desk/table. Out of my memory, I recall at least Mark Chalecki and Steve Berson to have such set-ups.

I used to have a set-up like that in the beginning, now I share a part of a big desk with the mixing guys. Now that I seem to occupy the room all day long, I'm wondering if it'd make any sense to go back to the small rack in front, I kinda miss it.


Hi Jaako,

i used to have just one rack in front of me for some time, then with more gears i needed two, in front of me two, and the when my partner joined me we also had the neve vinyl transfert desk/rack
so then it was one in front and 2 by the side at 45

i tried the racks at the side at one point, but i found i actually noticed them more there, then right in front.

then there are the "racks behind you" people....

Dave Davis:
At my old job I had one of these and I loved it - http://www.argosyconsole.com/argosy_ravenh10.html

totally re-invented the room, and improved a lot of things - it forced me to rethink everything, and was a huge improvement over my former "everything in front of me at eye level" desk.  I put the patchbays (switched to modern DB25 backs, with custom cabling (cut 200 lbs off the floor), tie lines and interfaces on one side.  On the other I put outboard, transports, and put the computer in the next room.  Monitors off the back edge of the desk, below eye level, leaving the small top free for controllers and such (which we had a number of).  If  I were build a new room, especially around my ULN8, this is the approach I'd use again for sure.  But my needs are VERY minimal - variables that would change that:

- slant racks like that have unequally usable spaces (eg bottom spaces can't accommodate deep fear as well as top ones).

- if you need more than 10 spaces/side you'll need a top-cab, and at that point I'm not sure you're getting much benefit.  I guess you could put transports in some straight racks to the front or sides...

- if you need a big desktop!


Jerry Tubb:
Odd man out as usual, but I'm quite happy with my giant custom built U-shaped Mothership.
Most everything within reach without leaving the sweet spot, and plenty of "producers desk" room.
(fwiw the lowly KRKs were temporary.) JT


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