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HD24 drive caddy compatible with computer removable drive chassis?

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Does anyone know if there is a removable hard drive chassis for a desktop computer that will accept the drive caddy for the Alesis HD24?

I know the indexing the Alesis puts on the drive is different than windows, I just think it would be handy to be able use it for either system.

Hi Josh,

There is information on which chassis' are compatible with the HD24 on the Yahoo HD24 user group, as well as links to software to make it all work.


Alternatively, you can purchase an Alesis Fireport, which connects your HD24 drive to your computer via firewire & comes with it's own software (this is what I use).

Sweet thanks!!!!

I can't find that info on the group...can you point me to a post or page?

Go to the 'Messages' section and do a search on 'ViPowER'. I believe the one they recommend that is compatible is the ViPowER VP-1028-LSF, but please check all the information there & even ask the question, I'm sure people will be willing to help. The software you need, which is donation-ware, is HD24tools, and you'll find a link to it in the 'Files' section of the group, as well as a lot of other useful info.

Good luck!



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