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Diffusor dimensions for backwall of my new controlroom

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Hello erverybody.  
I´m happy to found this great Forum, since the information about acoustics, i read here, is the best and detailed i found until know.

I hope somebody can help me with my questions about diffusion at the backwall of my new controllroom which i build at the moment.

The rough basic plan looks like this:

Celling high is 3,3m at the front, and about 3,5m at the back.

Today i buyed some wood for a skylinediffusor.
The standard size for the wood is 58mm X 58mm, so the maximum diffusion frequnecy is set to about 2968Hz.

Is this a good frequency for this room, or is it nessesary to cut the wood in 50mm X 50mm for example to get a higher maximung diffusion freqency??
The lowest frequency is calculated to 570Hz so i can stay in my 30cm maximum depth.

What do you think about this plan?
Which range of diffusion would you prefer?
Maybee better a QRD ?

I hope to find helpfull response in this nice place.
here are some photos from the build today:


Thomas Jouanjean:
Welcome to R/E/P!

Before you build your skylines, I would recommend you take a second look at a few things:

- Side walls treatment - quid?
- The area where your diffusors are placed also needs specific bass freq management - which is missing.

I.e.: you pbly have some heavy pressure zones right behing your sweet spot. This requires immediate attention before you take care of your diffusors.

Hello Thomas and thanks for your reply  

FOr the Sidewalls i plned to have not much porous absorbers, because i`m afraid that the room gets to dead.

In plan is only one 10cm thick porous absorber between the window and the soffitwall, for shure at booth sides of the room  

At the floorlevel i want to build 30cm thick and 1m high boxes, which can be used for perforated absorbers, if nessesary. Tuning this absorbers is planed after roommesurements.

between the window and the door i thougt about using a big polyfusor, but im not shure at the moment, if this is a good idea, so i will read more about this kind of diffusor.

Over my head there will be a big cloud 35cm thick hanging 20cm down from the celling.

Is it realy nessesary to have basstraps also behind the diffusors since i have a huge basstrap all around the celling/wall corners which is 80cm high, and 70cm deep??? (You can see the frames at the photos)
When i need also basstraping behind the diffusors, which kind is the best? A membrane, or helmholz?

thanks for your help.


Thomas Jouanjean:
I wouldn't tell you so if it isn't going to be a problem.

Lots of trapping doesn't make sense if half of it is in the wrong place.

How did you come up with this geometry?

Lots of trapping doesn't make sense if half of it is in the wrong place.

All my research until know goes to the same direction: "treat as much corners in the room as you can". This the the goal i want to reach with all the basstraps all around the celling/wall corners, and also the backkwallcornertraps.

How did you come up with this geometry?

The angeld walls are like they are , to avoid flutters between the sidewalls,reflecting sound around the sweetspot of the CR, allow a bigger recordingroom, and have good visual contact to the recroom.

I hope this was not the most bad way to go



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