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Rehearsal Studios in Leipzig, Germany

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Earth Terminal Studios:
Thanks guys! Some good leads.

My band are playing at Wave Gothic Treffen - the whole city of Leipzig hosts the festival with numerous venues - including an outdoor amphitheatre in the central park (where we're playing:). It's attended every year by several tens of thousands of goths. We're trying to fit in a last minute rehearsal.

Anyone interested - the festival is held 29th May - 1st June.

Thanks again,

Earth Terminal Studios

Hi there Lewis, I was just embarking upon the same mission myself as my band are also playing the festival and were thinking about doing exactly the same thing. If you happen to stumble across any good ones , would you mind possibly pushing them in my direction? I hope you don't mind my asking you and possibly stealing some of the ideas from posts here also. Anyway, thanks for posting to everybody. P.s nice studio, whereabouts in Hampshire is it?


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