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Author Topic: Sound Suede - is it transparent enough for Sound Absorption Panels?  (Read 4275 times)

Jason Lord

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I found the manufacturer of the faux suede cloth used on the Auralex panels.  It's  Chatham Upholstery fabric over O.C. 705 1" fiberglass.

I got my hands on a swatch from Guilford of Maine, but it doesn't let air through it and I wonder if the fabric is too opaque for high frequencies?  I have used Guilford's FR701 in the past, which is great, but the faux suede is a lot nicer for listening rooms and female friendliness  Very Happy   imo.

Anyone have thoughts on this?  

On the up side, FR701 colors have come a long way.  If you've wanted to make your own professional sound absorption panels here's my favorite items so you can assemble your own durable panels:

Frames:   http://www.readyacoustics.com/index.php?go=products.chameleo n-acoustic-frame

Fiberglass - O.C. 705  2"thickness.  comes in 2x4' sheets

Fabric:  Commonly Guildford FR701, which has many colors & designs now.

I save about 50% of the cost of pre-made frames getting the materials myself.  Just wondering about the psudeo suede before I build them.

Jason Lord
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jack pettit

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Re: Sound Suede - is it transparent enough for Sound Absorption Panels?
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2009, 03:32:52 pm »

I have cloud panels made by Acoustic Solutions hanging in my studio. They are 2" 705 covered with Sound suede fabric and hang 2" below my 9' ceiling.
They look great and sound, well they don't sound much at all.
The sound goes up and pretty much just goes away.
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