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Philip Shaw Bova:
Hey everybody,

I just acquired a couple of these tiny Spectra Sonics 501 EQs. They are simple fixed 2 band EQs. I can't seem to find any info on them. I would presume that they are shelving top and bottom.  Has anybody used these before? I've got a couple of 101 cards to go with them, and plan on racking them eventually.  



Hello Philip,

It's been years, but as I recall, they were shelving, fairly wide band, centered about 100 and 10k.

Very simple stuff.


Philip Shaw Bova:
Thank You Terry!

I did received the data sheets with these units, but oddly enough they don't specify the EQ curves. Were these the types of EQ's in the Ardent console?


Billy Yates:
Look for my next thread...I have some modules I am racking up for a friend.

Billy Yates:
I have 16 of these Spectra Sonics modules that came out of a remote truck here in LA. They have been highly modified. I am going to undo the mods, and reconfigure for use as a rack package or side car for a friend, as Mic/Line amps with Eq and fader only. The sends will not be used. What I would like, is information from some dusty files that pertain to this type console configuration. The 101 amps are easy, but what was done before hand was a mess and figuring out the proper layout for two 101 cards and one EQ and fader is the intent here.
The photos show what these look like. Any info is appreciated.


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