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Author Topic: Shure SM-27 condenser.  (Read 2027 times)


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Shure SM-27 condenser.
« on: March 11, 2009, 09:38:41 am »

Looks interesting, what do you think for about $300.oo?

  http://www.shure.com/ProAudio/Products/WiredMicrophones/us_p ro_SM27_content


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Re: Shure SM-27 condenser.
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2009, 12:28:32 pm »

Hey Chris,

That thing looks surprisingly similar to the KSM-27.

If that be the case, its a very flexible mic.

Searching some online dealer sites - the KSM27 seems to be selling for less than $299(?!?)

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Derek DiFilippo

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Re: Shure SM-27 condenser.
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2009, 02:04:39 pm »

Hi C.Cash,

I haven't used the SM-27, but I have used the KSM27, the KSM44, and the KSM32.

I don't see any specs for the SM-27 but I bet Fig is dead on about it's relation to the KSM27.

What do you plan on using this microphone for?

No disrespect intended to any of the mics listed (I own a KSM44), but for my money and in my experience I'd rather put the $300 list for a new SM27 into a used KSM32.  If you get the KSM32/CG (charcoal grey) it will even have the same kind of Darth Vader look.  I like the CG ones.

I find the KSM32s to be very versatile.  I used some on a quickie demo session last week.  They were on bass amp, guitar amp, then a few of the trumpet and vocal overdubs.  I've had them on kick and snare in the past and been pleased.  Used them for room mics on kits, guitar amps, banjo, accordion, weissenborn, etc.

It's a bit softer in the top than my Gefell and sometimes that's a better choice.  It usually comes down to using one or the other mic in most cases during overdubbing.  At least until I save up enough money to get a Coles.

When I was young and inexperienced I bought a Mackie 8 Bus, a Tascam DA88, and a Microtech Gefell UM70s.  I wish I had bought a cassette four track and eight Gefells!
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