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For those with passive monitor attenuators..

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mcsnare wrote on Sat, 12 December 2009 21:03
Dave, does this 'single button' solution have some kind of AGC going on?

Im trying to understand how this could work.

Most mastering consoles (including the one I use) have a volume knob for the pre-process compare, sourced after the first input stage but before the inserts. After you get an idea of your basic printing level you A/B and set the volume to match. I might tweak it a few times after I dial in some processing, but the it's far easier to set it a few times and then hit a button al the other times you compare, than it is to hit a button AND try to adjust volume at the same time for all the times you compare. I do a lot of comparing.


Cheers Dave, yep thats where Im trying to get to.
Whilst saving for one of Crispins consoles, ill have to keep the pressure on Prism Sound to make the assignable volume knob more finely grained....then with one of the Goldpoint boxes I'd be there...


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