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Welcome to this new version of Acoustics in Motion. In this forum we will be discussing the various aspects of room acoustics, in particular studio acoustics & design, studio structures and super-structures, and to a certain extent speaker design.

This is a professional forum, moderated by two full-time Studio Designers. To make the long story short, Fran and I are clearly aiming at quality over quantity.

Acoustics is not a very straightforward or intuitive science. There are still today a lot of conflicting points of view and Studio Design in particular is about the right compromises and certainly not absolutes. There are many schools of thought and many ways to do things  right . And a lot more to seriously mess it all up. While all in all it's a lot about maths and plain physics, practical experience is also a key factor in this area of engineering.

Because of all this, it is important when posting in this forum that you formulate clearly your questions or the problem at hand. Data is always good, but if it doesn't come from you, we appreciate if you mention the source. Sketches and photos can also help a lot.

We expect users to respect each others and be able to understand that there can be different approaches to how things are done. We will not tolerate elements that routinely bash models or ideas that do not fit their own interpretation of how studio acoustics should be. Keep an opened mind. It's also important to understand that the designers participating to this forum, while very happy to help, may need to keep a few things under the radars for obvious professional reasons.

Furthermore, while debating, it's only good and fair that everyone here knows who they are speaking to. This is a professional forum and we intend to keep it that way. It was therefore decided that users have to use their real name. Anonymity is too often a tool used to create hypes and advertising, as well as spread misinformation and more. 

Posts without the user's real name signed will be deleted without warning.  Repeated failure to comply to this rule will lead to the user being banned. This is not up for discussion.

This may sound a bit harsh, but we feel it's needed if we want to maintain a high-end and courteous ambiance.

Enjoy the forum!

To those selling something:
If you sell acoustics related treatment or services, or are affiliated or working for a company building or selling audio related products, it is mandatory you clearly mention it in your signature. "Omitting" to do this will lead to an immediate and definitive ban. We also have a zero tolerance policy towards pimping or blatant advertising.

Please make sure that you are posting for the good of the community, not just for the sake of self-promotion.

Good rules Thomas

I am happy to be part of this Forum, and enjoy to read an write here everey day.



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