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Author Topic: Watt Stax festival  (Read 627 times)


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Watt Stax festival
« on: February 23, 2009, 01:56:28 am »

Watching this on television right now. Luther Ingram sounds great! What was that like, Terry? What were the logistics? Wally Heider and you...correct? Lots of overdubbing? [If this has been visited here before I apologize]
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Re: Watt Stax festival
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2009, 07:36:29 am »

We have talked of this a bit before, but it was a really great day.

A whole lot to put together, logistically.

I was constantly running from the truck to the stage and back.

105,000 people in the stands, and the stage in the middle of the football field.

There was not really much overdubbing.  Most of the stuff was left live.

The Staples song at the beginning of the movie was a studio recording that I "recreated into live sound." I brought in a school class and had them fill the studio, then did several passes with them "crowd reacting." I put A7's in the hallways of the studio, and filled the building with the sound of the track, re-recording with distant microphones.

I recall having a screaming fight with Mel Stuart, the Director from Wolper, about something...sorry Mel.

Did some work on it at Crystal (session went long, Stevie Wonder forced to wait for his scheduled time), TTG (conjuring spirit of Sinatra), 3 or 4 others, and final "sprocketed" soundtrack mix at Paramount Scoring Stage (recently gutted).

The Staples recreation was done in Ardent A, where I also remixed the album version (which I co-produced).

Lots of fun, and can be revisited!

 http://recforums.prosoundweb.com/index.php/m/380861/6490/?sr ch=Wattstax#msg_380861

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