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Emagic Logic Pro Plugins vs. Waves Gold Plugins?

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Tim Gilles:
I find the resident emagic stuff a mixed bag.

Some of the plugs are marvelous for 'standard housekeeping' tasks.

Most are EXTREMELY CPU efficient.

Some are almost utterly worthless. Unusable in most circumstances.

The 'multiband comp' and the 'limiter' being 2 prime examples of the 'junk' Erik is speaking about.

They just don't work correctly(in the fashion one would expect) in most situations.

The channel EQ is fairly good given it's humble nature and low CPU drain, however, a close look at the performance of this device also reveals some very basic design flaws. ie. RAMPANT 'Overshoots' in 'cut' situations, even after input gain is ATTENUATED.

Nothing in these plugs is STELLAR IMHO.

OTOH, my shop has mixed literally hundreds of released records using these plugs for various tasks..... I suppose that this is for the "practical aspect" reasons of: ease of use, familiarity and CPU drain issues.

When I want what I consider 'hi-fi' quality and/or HEAVYHANDED manipulation of signals in my mix topologies....

I don't turn to digital plug-ins.

I will be happy to see this change someday, hopefully.

Best to all.



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