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Emagic Logic Pro Plugins vs. Waves Gold Plugins?

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Rob G:

Which software package in your opinion has the best set of plugins?

Rob G.

Neither offering represents anything close to the state of the art in digital signal processing in hardware or software.

The key guy involved with many of the plug-ins in the Waves Gold bundle (Michael Gerzon) passed away in 1996.

This is some old shit, man.

Waves has shifted from a technology/R&D company into a marketing company.  They're more interested in getting MaxxBass (which removes bass) into cheap TV sets than they are in innovating audio.  

Probably a smart business move, but it's not exactly going to result in SUPER AWESOME EFFECTS for folks who want to debate the merits of plug-ins in Logic.

Several of Waves' recent "technologies" have come from outside developers, simply repackaged and ported by Waves.  Waves last interesting development was C4 which is going on 5 years ago.

Since then they're intent on slapping a new slider on a product and renaming it, then inventing a new bundle around it.  It floods product into retail but it doesn't exactly move the art or science forward.

Likewise the Emagic stuff is a testament to quantity over quality.  Their marketing is slick and they have a devoted European fan base, but the stuff is pretty weak compared to even the b-list companies that live digital audio effects day in and day out.

There are plenty of 1, 2 and 3 man shops out there that rely on innovation to put food on their tables and they should be supported.


Eliott James:
Eric, correct me if I'm wrong, but your plug-ins aren't built for native AUs, are they? Wish they were! Any chance of this?

EJ wrote on Wed, 30 June 2004 12:32
Eric, correct me if I'm wrong, but your plug-ins aren't built for native AUs, are they? Wish they were! Any chance of this?

Digidesign acquired the Bomb Factory plug-ins at the beginning of the year.  

Prior to that I was not convinced of the viability of AU as a plug-in format.  Although it's maturing, this was not one of those places where being first to market was going to provide any sort of advantage.

There remain only two sensible specs at the moment:

VST which can be run using the wrapper in Mac AU hosts and also works on Windows; great for sub $99 products.  Although Steinberg is a bunch of dysfunctional monkeys, Adobe is now supporting VST so it's not going anywhere.

TDM (and, if you want to be nice, AS/RTAS for TDM users who also edit at home on native rigs) which are the only formats where actual money can be made.


Rob G:
Erik, & All,

So you're all saying by vote, & reply that Emagic's plug-ins hold no weight in comparison to the Waves Gold bundle?  And that Waves plug's are just relabeled versions of previous versions?  What about Emagic's - Space Designer?  Not a good plugin?  Sure they're not on MDW's level, but how many other plug's are?

I use the Logic Pro plug's in my HD-3 system right along with MDW, & other reknown plugs, & they work just fine.  MDW is not the best EQ for everything but neither is the Emagic Silver EQ, or URS Everything Bundle EQ's.  Depends on the project, & track from my perspective.

'Rob G'.


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