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Author Topic: ACM 1200 = Bass  (Read 4244 times)


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ACM 1200 = Bass
« on: December 09, 2008, 08:27:41 AM »

 I tracked Electric bass last night. Usually I use a dynamic mic, Heil PR40 and a LDC either my AT4047 or the Rode C2. Last night I set up the AT 4047 and a TnC ACM1200.
I put them both side by side about 4" off the grill of an Ampeg B-18 into an API 3124 and nothing else.
 After the artist left I sat down an A/B'd the 2 bass tracks.I have always been happy with the 4047 on bass blended with a dynamic. I found the dynamic added more life and punch to the sound . No need with the 1200, when I soloed the track everything was there, great lows, nice and punchy and a presence that I have not been able to achieve on bass before. Next time I will try the 1200 with the Rode c2, should be interesting.


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