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Author Topic: Resurrect you Vintage console/ Modules  (Read 6502 times)


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Resurrect you Vintage console/ Modules
« on: December 05, 2008, 12:49:04 am »

HELLO!!! to all! I have been sucked into construction management for the last 2 years to rebuild and reanimate this great facility but am happy to inform you all that 6000 Sunset is back and I am in these classic rooms bringing back the Love as Eastwest Recording Studios!!!!! I take no credit as my boss Doug Rodgers saved this temple of sound from certain death!!!

, In light of my impending opening early next year, I wanted to share the love with my fellow vintage audio enthusiasts so here you go Fuckers!

Many people have asked how I resurrect vintage consoles, You know those noise ridden scratchy switch fucking vintage audio lust that simply is old and through its life span. (don't shed a tear yet my friends!!)   I figured that I would release my tried and true method for the resurrection of metal to metal switch contact modules.

I make no promises and you do this at your own risk (hell if your a "moron" I don't want any liability!) but I can say that I have done Neve  (8078/ 8028/8048 etc etc and API with fantastic results) the only question being, can I get the water out of the said assembly. The moderator has participated in the madness so this ain't  no BS!

Ok here is my secret procedure for vintage audio revival

Buy this tank

Buy this cleaning solution

Buy this treatment
Multi.Mist Mistoil Specialized Lubricant

Rent a water deionizer (it is a large cylinder with a dongle on top that plugs into power.)
I rent one from a company called http://www.raynewater.com/

Buy 2 brand new garden hoses
Buy a high pressure nozzle for the hose

You need an air compressor with a dryer attachment on its output and a trigger nozzle or better yet and air knife

You need Blow dryers(hair dryers)

You need to be in a low humidity environment sunny day  or winter back east heat lamps?)


You will hookup the water deionizer and fill the ultrasonic tank

Mix 2.5 cups of Alconix Detergent 8 to the tank and turn the heat and tank on and let it run for at least 15 minutes to off gas the solution.

Take the sides off the modules, The Crest 1875 you should be able to place 6 modules in the solution. Control sides down try to get as little of the pc board in the solution but it must cover the entire switch assembly

Run the tank for 15 to 20 minutes (change solution every 2 to 3 dips)

Pull out the modules and while working the switches use the high pressure nozzle deionized water to be sure you have removed all the solution from the module spray the shit out of them don't be shy!

Then you will need to work the switches as you use the airgun to blow out all the water in the switches

Then you will do the same while using the blow dryer (NOT A HEAT GUN, A HAIR DRYER!) until the module is dry inside and out.

Then leave the modules under a heat lamp to be sure there is no water left because if there is the treatment will not adhere to the contacts

Apply the Mist Oil while working the switches

Throw out all other switch cleaning products (cramolin etc) Only use mist oil from now on

You now have a Tits module!

Don;t say i never did anything for YA!
If your nice maybe ill tell you some more!!


Gary Myerberg Laughing

Dave Hecht

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Re: Resurrect you Vintage console/ Modules
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2008, 02:41:56 am »

I remember going through approx 200 Neve mic pre / eq modules (31105. 1073, 1081), dozens of API modules, several patchbays, Lang eqs, Pultecs, etc at Cello (Gary went a little nuts when we saw how well this system worked). Also, it's a good idea on the neve modules to pull the cards prior to the ultrasonic bath. Only other thing I'd add is wear rubber gloves when handling modules after the detergent bath. I had a slight allergic reaction to the stuff, and spent about 3 or 4 weeks walking around itching and popping Claritin.

Dave Hecht

Andy Peters

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Re: Resurrect you Vintage console/ Modules
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2008, 12:06:44 pm »

garythecleaner wrote on Thu, 04 December 2008 22:49

Ok here is my secret procedure for vintage audio revival

Buy this tank

Buy this cleaning solution

YES, +100 to both!

A gallon of undiluted Detergent 8 (I just love that name) will last the average tech a couple of years. Perfect for cleaning up after soldering. Rinse with deionized water and blow dry with shop air and you're good to go.

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Re: Resurrect you Vintage console/ Modules
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2008, 08:22:13 pm »

Hi Gary,
Thanks a lot for the information  Smile
I have some patchbays to clean. Any tips or recommendation to provide before the works ?
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