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Thomas Jouanjean:
Hi all,

The objective of this thread is to create a collection of posts about DIY acoustic projects by R/E/P members, so that our community can benefit from a good DIY shared database.

Projects can be about doors, diffusors, traps, “how to” tricks... You name it, as long as it's about studio acoustics.

To keep it all tidy, here's how to format your posts:

- Keep it short, if possible not longer than 3 posts. Be clear and straight to the point.

- Add pictures and/or plans showing at least the final result, if possible the build process.

- Keep a clear record of design and build costs, as well as type of material used.

- PM one of the moderators of this section before posting (subject etc).

We'll be keeping an index of projects on the first page of the thread for fast and easy access to information.

If you want to create a studio build photo diary, just start a new thread about it and we'll add a link to it in the “Studio Build Index” sticky.

We hope to see many participants!

Thomas & Francis

This looks easy and inexpensive, I have not built one yet but plan to.

http://www.palmcitystudios.com/timobrien/music/soundbooth/si mplesoundbooth.html

Steve Hudson:
I had a buddy fabricate wooden brackets on which we could hang fiberglass panels (OC 703/705) using ReadyBags, which have three cloth hanger strips on the back. Very cost-effective (about $65 per panel including bracket). The 4" panels are 2" 705 layered on top of 2" 703 just to have the extra rigidity. We like them so much, we're having twenty more made for the tracking room (half 2", half 4"), where we'll have a series of rails on the walls and the panel brackets will have dovetail hangers so you can move the panels around to modify the response of the room.

Steve Hudson:
Here's a shot of the completed control room with all the panels hung. Note that the hangers allow the panels to be angled slightly, reducing edge effects. The brackets keep the panels about 4" off the wall. We still have a few of Ethan's traps and other DIY traps to hang on the ceiling/wall corners.

FWIW, I've "designed" (and I use that term very loosely) several mastering rooms over the years and all turned out nicely. That being said, I had Mr. Jouanjean come out and work on my latest room and was absolutely amazed at the results. It's unreal the difference he made.

IOW, it's like any other part of audio - sure, you can do it yourself, but if you can, have a real pro work on it.

Sorry, don't mean to kill this thread (and I think this thread has merit despite my post) - just wanted to make the point that the really serious pro guys are worth it...


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