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Welcome Thomas Jouanjean!

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I'd like you all to extend a warm welcome to our new acoustics co-moderator Thomas Jouanjean. Tom is an accomplished acoustician who really understands the science behind the 'black art' of studio acoustics. I know from personal experience what he can bring to the table regarding studio design and upgrades and can't speak highly enough about him both as an acoustician and as a genuinely nice guy!

Here's his bio:
It all started in the early 90´s when a young Thomas Jouanjean, fed up with the acoustics of his band's small rehearsal room, started collecting egg cartons and random pieces of packaging foam – and set on a plan to dutifully glue these to the walls. As expected, not much happened from that – except an increasingly disturbing stench of egg and glue throughout the basement. Ah, the joys of being 14 years old in the pre-Internet world.

After graduating high-school, Thomas went on to study economics, yet his passion continued to revolve mainly around his band, studios and a growing interest in the science of acoustics. An interest that proved so strong that Thomas decided to stop his post-bachelor economics studies and fully dedicate his time to studying acoustics. This adventure took him to many new places, particularly Scandinavia, where he focused his attention on the specific area of HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Head-related_transfer_function).

Back in his home town of Brussels, Thomas decided to start a company that would allow him to fully focus his newly acquired knowledge on Studio Design, merging his love for music with his love for acoustics.

Since 2002, Thomas has designed and upgraded rooms all over Europe and in the recent years enjoys a growing client

Thomas Jouanjean:
Thank you Brad!

I am very honored to be part of the R/E/P community.

I'm already enjoying it

Welcome Here Tom !!  

"black acoustic art" is trully what Thomas can do
i heard it several times (particularly in my own room that he designed), his obsessive care for details is outstanding,
and important, he's very open to discution and feedbacks.

thumb up !!

Darius van H:
Thomas is a great guy and really knows his way 'round an egg carton!

Check out some of his work in action here:


bruno putzeys:
Welcome to the club, Thomas!


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