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Author Topic: File Management- Synk Standard by Decimus  (Read 2289 times)


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File Management- Synk Standard by Decimus
« on: April 02, 2009, 09:47:00 pm »

After deciding to transfer all my back ups to bare hard drives (Wiebetech RULES but thats a whole different thread...) I asked my Mentor what software he chose for simple file management and folder sync- he recommended Synk Standard for 35 bucks.

Now since PT 6 SUCKED for file management, I have all my old PT 6 sessions all over the place. Multiple back ups etc... Then 7 got better, much better but I still had many funky issues. By 7.4 things were rolling and now with 8 I have yet to have an issue! (though that could have been resolved in 7)

These are my personal project files, not client back ups so I went for it 100%. I was able to consolidate over 10 bulk back up folders, free up 300GB of space, and put my entire library on one drive- that can PLAY BACK THE SESSIONS! Regardless of track count, Ive been able to run them all from 1 drive (just for auditioning).

Compared to what it was like relinking files in the past- Im freakin THRILLED! I had just gotten smart about file management but this is retarded easy. I knew programs like this have existed for years but due to lack of faith and prior issues- I was LEARY!

Nope. Synk has done everything it claims flawlessly and all the sessions in the consolidated folder playback with ZERO issues... Ive played sessions that started in PT 5 and no a single issue!

So the point is, get serious about file management if you have been leary in the past. It will change everything with those old session  back ups. And synk is quick, easy and works like a charm!

Between the Wiebetech bare drive interface and synk, file management is at an all time high! I was late to the party but better late than never!

I have ZERO affiliation with synk- I just like things that work and I can trust!
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