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Author Topic: Where's My Piece Of The Pie? - Music Industry Realities  (Read 1976 times)


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Where's My Piece Of The Pie? - Music Industry Realities
« on: June 09, 2004, 08:49:08 PM »

From July, 2003:

So, your group got signed to a great major label contract?  That's wonderful, congratulations.  And you got 15 points?  That's very good.  So, how's it being divided?  Your local producer gets 3 points and some cash out of the advance?  That's pretty typical.  How about the indie record company that you were still signed to?  Oh they're getting a buyout that's also coming from your advance?  Well, it if it weren't for them, you'da might never have been heard, so I guess that's ok.

What, the record company wants a few of the vocals redone?  Okay, but now the engineer that did the new vocals wants production credits and a piece of the producer's points?  Hmmmm.  And the record company wants the album remixed by a famous mixer dude, and that will be part of your recoupment costs?  Oh, and the record company also wants the single remixed by an even more famous producer/engineer, and he wants a production point as well, plus a bundle of cash?

How is that sitting with your original engineer/producer?  He's pissed?  Why?  Because he isn't even mentioned anywhere on the album as the main producer or engineer?  And everybody is pressuring him to give up some of his points to cut some of these other people in on that piece of the pie?  Ahh, screw him, you'll just go to a big name studio anyway to cut the next album.  Yeah, it'll cost way more to cut the new album, but it should be worth it, right?  Besides, it's all advanced by the record company, so it's not like it's really your money.

Time passes........

Hey, I just heard your second album. It's really different from your first album, isn't it?  I don't think the material is quite as strong as the first album.  What?  You only had 3 months to do the whole album, and that's after coming off the road for a year, promoting the first album?  Wow, that musta been hard.  But look at the credits on this new album - everybody's famous.  Oh, they were doing other projects as well, so they didn't spend as much time with you as you would have liked?  

Yeah, it does sound a little similar to that other group's album, but since you had the same production team, that's to be expected.  Well, he is pretty famous, so you'd imagine he would get a lot of calls during your sessions.  So what?  A lot of producers get high during session - that's normal.  Well, yeah, that one cut with the brass band is a little bizzare to me, but he must know what he's doing.

Hey, so where's the third album?  Dropped?  Shit, that's rough. Sorry to hear that.  I didn't realize that the sales were that poor.  It reached Gold, and they dropped you?  It cost them THAT much to get it to Gold?  What?  That's all being charged to you?  And the record company says you owe them $283,000.00?  Geez.  Oh well, it's not like it's "real money", is it?
Harvey "Is that the right note?" Gerst
Indian Trail Recording Studio
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