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Author Topic: Sonodore RCM 402 Microphones  (Read 4779 times)

Barry Hufker

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Sonodore RCM 402 Microphones
« on: September 05, 2008, 11:34:00 am »

I'm attempting to keep this according to the guidelines.  Please let me know if I'm in error.  IHNFOPSITP - I have no financial or personal stake in this product.

During my career I've used quite a number of different microphones.  The Sonodore RCM 402 omnidirectional mics are among the best.  They are extremely omnidirectional, more so than any others I've tried.  Like the DPA 4006, optional grids enable the user to change the frequency response when placing the mics in the diffuse field.

The mics are extremely quiet, especially for such a small diameter capsule, with a very fast transient response.  I haven't measured these characteristics.  My remarks are based on what I've heard.  They are remarkably clear and clean.  Recording quality is nothing short of excellent.

I've successfully used the microphones any number of times to record all kinds of acoustic music from solo guitar to 40 member a capella chorus to chamber music.  In comparison to Schoeps MK2S, I find the Schoeps to be a bit too warm (or "bloated") in the bass with a much slower transient response.  The Schoeps doesn't seem to have the "quickness of attack" the 402s possess.  The DPA 4006 also lacks that sharp (and desired) attack, but also demonstrates a pronounced midrange in comparison to the 402, which is more neutral across its frequency range.  The drawback to this mic then is its neutrality.  It doesn't offer a sonic personality and as such can sound bland in certain situations.  But the mic's signal takes EQ very well.  The signal can easily sound any way you choose.

While a solid-state microphone, the 402 overcomes the limitations of phantom power by having its own dedicated supply.  The mic was previously without representation in the U.S. but is now imported by TransAudio Group.

The Signal Path: RMC 402 into Gordon Instruments Model 5 microphone preamp, into either RADAR (iZ Technology) or Mytek converter (Stereo 192) into RADAR or Sound Devices 722.  On site monitoring via AKG 701 headphones.


Kees de Visser

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Re: Sonodore RCM 402 Microphones
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2008, 03:54:52 am »

Barry Hufker wrote on Fri, 05 September 2008 17:34

During my career I've used quite a number of different microphones.  The Sonodore RCM 402 omnidirectional mics are among the best.
Preference for sound quality, especially with transducers, is very personal, so I won't comment on that.
What I can add is that I've been buying and using custom built equipment from Rens Heijnis, the man behind Sonodore, for over 20 years. Everything is still in perfect working condition and has never failed during any session.
Reliability is an important requirement for professional equipment and in that respect I can highly recommend Rens Heijnis' products.
Kees de Visser
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