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Bill Mueller:
Robert Shelton wrote on Sun, 07 September 2008 13:40
J.J. Blair wrote on Sat, 06 September 2008 22:57

I'm actually leaving it to you guys to do the reviews, and I'm simply the mod.  However, I am going to request that when you guys review or discuss gear, it's at least more useful than your typical Electronic Musician style press release / review, or GS thread.  Don't just say, "Man, I like my Distressor.  These things are the bomb on OHs."

I wonder, though, if this forum is really to be a place where "music industry professionals" review gear, perhaps there should be some guidelines as to who qualifies as such.  Experience and expertise are not the same thing.  It would be for JJ to establish the definition, but in my opinion:  

- Earning a few hundred bucks on your own CD doesn't make you a music industry professional.  

- Charging your buddies to record through your M-Box doesn't make you a professional.  

- Having thousands of posts on Whatever Works doesn't make you a professional.  

No offense intended for anyone in particular; certainly not to C. Cash, who seems like a great guy.  I'm just suggesting what I think would make for a better forum.

I can go anywhere for reviews from my peers.  But imagine a resource for reviews from actual professionals without the influence of advertising.  Does such a place yet exist?  

I, for one, would rather have the professionals do the reviewing, and the rest of us can just ask questions.


Apparently 35 years of working at a high level in the industry, 100+ major artists, 25 years of college level teaching experience and a Grammy and TEC Awards nomination does not quite make it.

Best regards,


Like JJ, I don't know the specifics of what Bill is talking about... however... a little slack.  This forum has been up for only a few days at this point and there are some bugs that will need to be worked out.

It's not always an easy thing to get a forum off the ground and gain a rythm and direction... there are always a few questions [on everybody's part from participants to moderators]... so I'd suggest y'all read the "charter" and help create a real vibe and feel for the new addition.


Bill Mueller wrote on Fri, 05 September 2008 18:06
Hello moderators,

Can someone tell me what was inappropriate enough about the AKG C3000B thread to get it removed? I don't seem to understand what you're looking for here.

Best regards,



That was my inexperience as a mod and I did not realize the thread could be simply moved somewhere appropriate. I apologize if that offended you in some way as it was not my intent. The original poster was fine with the delete as he realized the thread didn't fall under the charter.

Nobody is questioning your knowledge as a professional and I would hope you will take this in context. If you would like to start a thread on the C3000, please do. But again, I would hope you would not take things of this nature so personally and feel free to contribute as you see fit.

Just please no cat photos... I hate cat photos!

Hey J  -I heard that!  mieux


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