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Sony MXP-3036 users?

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Anyway, where do I find info on this Forsell master module mod? How much is it and what is it? A whole new module? I would appreciate any info. Thanks


U can find it here: http://www.forsselltech.com/

Fred Forssell is a great guy, very helpful and answered my questions patiently.
FWIW, i'm buying a sony 3036 myself and will definitely buy his mods and other products from him!

Harmoko Aguswan

Barry Hufker:
Wes Dooley is also a fan of these consoles and stocks parts (/www.wesdooley.com/aea/usedgear.html)



I am after automation Power Supply Unit for SONY MXP-3000 3036 - does anyone have one for sale or can anyone direct me the right way ??

Also, is it possible to run audio through the VCA faders without a seperate ( automation ) power supply - ie: by switching the jumpers ??

Taa... )

I have a yahoo group dedicated to the sony mxp 3k series.


how old is this thread?  i dunno.  google found it.  i was looking for forsells site to nerd out on mxp for a min.


whoever mention the dif between the semi and fully parametric sony eq.  thats been my experience exactly.  i hate the full para eq.  i hate using it and i hate the way it sounds.  on hte other hand, i am amazed by the semi para.  it is a reliable and useful tool in my opin.  if our 3036 had only semipara eqs i would be elated.

we have 4 of the inductor based eq, which i think sounds good, but is still not as useful as the sony semi in my opin.

also agree re: patchbay flexibility.  total pita.

i think the sony pres sound great tho.  
i think i dont use them enough is what i think.



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