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CK12 Capsule In AKG 414: How To Test?

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Klaus Heyne:
It does not.

J.J. Blair:
I'm not sure I would pay the $2,000 for this mic that the seller is asking.  But that's just me.  

Brett, I'm sure many of us are curious to know how you are going to test the capsule tension. Can you tell us?


I do not think he is going to test the tension.  The opening is for the visual inspection.  The real test is done listening to the mic.  

What am I saying you know all of this Magneto.

I know everybody does not agree about the Diaphram color thing.  After JJ pointed it out,   every non reskin I have seen has the amber hue,  every reskin goldish.  This one is Amber.. fwiw

Does this one look dirty? Does it need cleaning?  Who can do it if Klaus is too busy?

I have been wishing for Klaus to work on my stuff for years now.  The last time I spoke  to him he asked my to call him after the new year (2006/7?)  After that I was told there was no list.

Who would you trust to clean a capsule?


J.J. Blair:
That capsule is filthy.  I have had situations where CK12 diaphragms stuck to the backplate, because they were dirty.  Once they were cleaned, the problem went away.


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