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CK12 Capsule In AKG 414: How To Test?

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Buying a c414eb and need to test the c12 tension. How do I remove the screens? I have never seen one in hand, so I need to know what tools to bring and how to do it.

Also, will I be ok with my speck 5.0's phantom as a power source?

Klaus Heyne:
Remove the four slot screws from the bottom of them mic's body. Remove the silver mic body by stripping it off the amp, downwards.

Unhinge both screens upwards, one after another, starting from the bottom (where the black plastic tabs with the symbols and numbers on them are) and slightly pull the screens down, to release them off their nipples.

Now you have the CK12 in front of you, to make your tests.

thanks. take a look at these. does this capsule look reskined?




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