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Author Topic: godspeed you! black emperor recording tricks  (Read 2057 times)


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godspeed you! black emperor recording tricks
« on: August 05, 2004, 03:08:43 pm »

I'm quite a fan of godspeed's music, especially their playing technique. Since I'm first a musician and still fairly new to the recording arena it was their instrumental techniques which piqued my interest (screwdriver guitar, etc.) Now that I've began an steep(and costly...) dive into recording I've become more curious as to how their albums are actually recorded. I know they worked with albini on their last lp and their music usually sounds as if it's being recorded all at once with the whole chamber "orchestra" technique (tons of bleed, reverb, room ambience, etc.) Also I know Efrim is quite a fan of "messing with tape" to get a lot of their strange ambiental noises (which would also require much more overdubbing than my original 'all at once' theory) but I'm slightly unsure of the actual process. Anybody got any ideas?
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Re: godspeed you! black emperor recording tricks
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2004, 04:21:52 pm »

The Albini Stuff was mixed at their place.
On a Neotek.
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