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Is there such a thing as the perfect recording environment?


Is there such a thing as the perfect recording environment in terms of acoustics, room size, materials and any other design aspects when creating a live room(s) and control room. I would very much appreciate any professional insight into this debatable topic, some people tell me that perfection is not achievable others disagree but have yet to reveal the finer points, yours faithfully, Julesy P

In my experience the perfect environment is one the musicians are the most comfortable playing in.  If the environment sounds good to the musician then it is the engineers job to capture it.

There are basic dimensions to rooms that work the best.  There should be a good balance between reflection, absorption and refraction.

The room should have good isolation from the outside environment so that microphones can be put into OMNI when required.  Ceilings should be high enough to reduce early reflections.  Sound travels at about 1130 ft/sec at sea level  a wall or ceiling 20' from the source will produce about a 45msec delay on the first reflection.

The midrange tends to build up in Rock/Pop music (electric guitar, bass and drums)  Therefore, the room should me more absorbent in the midrange.

Dave Thomas


Westlake Beverly is perfect for me. beautiful rooms. A and B.

I don't think there is the perfect recording space, I think if there wa it would also spoil things, the best thing about recording your record is that part of the place you recorded it in is in the sound, of the studios ive recorded in I must say the best one is a converted bit of a church - you have the wierd wall surfaces which create amazing acoustics that you will never ever be able to recreate! - i say screw studios and just buy he equipment!


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