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Author Topic: simple solution?  (Read 1369 times)


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simple solution?
« on: May 23, 2004, 06:07:02 PM »

hi klett-
  an opportunity to make a record with a musician whose music i love fell out of the sky this last month.  we were given a barn/garage in maine and have no time crunch.  we're in the process of accumulating equipment.  i was looking at a 002 system at first, but after talking a lot about it with the musician we both have great desire to work with an analog 8-track and are completely willing to work around the limitations and disadvantages.  my question is, what are the first steps in acessing the power situation of the barn...with not much money to spend where do i turn to find simple solutions?  part of the challenge of this experience is to work around its limitations but i want to make things as clean, efficient and safe as possible.  at the moment, since i just moved in days ago, all i know is that there is a main panel in the house that looks like it is grounded to a pipe somewhere below the house.  it seems as though the power in the barn is run from the house but the barn has a small panel of its own...it says "lighting panel box" and it has four "time delay fuses" built by TRON...(whether this is important or not...there are 3 20 amp fuses and 1 15 amp.  let me know what you think of this situation so far and i can answer any questions that could help you.  i appreciate the help...

John Klett

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Re: simple solution?
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2004, 02:14:50 PM »

it sounds a little rough

I supposed you could just make sure all the connections are tight and safe looking and then run a circuit to some sort of distribution box for your gear - basically a beefy outlet box.  

When I played live we carried a couple big heavy duty power distribution cables made from 10/3 portable cordage.  The were "J boxes" at five foot intervals each with a couple duplex outlets in them - all very heavy duty.  The first box had a 15 Amp circuit breaker in it.  We had two of those and either glommed them into the panel at whatever club we were playing or plugged into a known good outlet (we had short adapters that would take the twistlock at the end to a regular plug on a normal 12/3 cable or a set of pigtails we could jam onto neutral, ground and a breaker in the house panel.  

You can try a similar approach but make sure that ground is really hitting ground - and that you have a breaker that will flip off when needed. Get one of those outlet testers with the lights that indicate when you have a dropped ground or flipped hot and neutral - that would be a minimum requirement.

I guess you could go to Home Depot and score a really small load center and set something up with that - add a surge protector...  pretty much everything I suggest will cost money...  Older gear can tolerate some power non-sense more than say any computer based anything...

John Klett / Tech Mecca
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