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Author Topic: monitor placement advice  (Read 3541 times)


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Re: monitor placement advice
« Reply #15 on: April 27, 2008, 04:48:33 pm »

Barkley McKay wrote on Thu, 03 April 2008 07:12

Thanks for the suggestions.
I have at present nearly 8 inches (after re-measuring!) of absorbtion behind, and there is definitely a better response with the speakers, bass wise, now that I have them backed up close but there seems to be a little lift in the upper bass/low mid range now.
Do you think it would be prudent to make a hanging 'cloud' bass trap above the alcove, and is it possible that I am getting ceiling to floor anomolies now?
The speakers are definitely beyond the half way point on the vertical axis. At present I do have two ceiling corner traps there (see 1st photo) but I do cherish the little window for natural daylight!


We do a fair amount of smaller rooms with trapped front ends and almost always find that the best SPIR is by having the speaker backed up against the trapping... I imagine this keeps the wavelength for the boundary cancellation as short as possible, thus getting the fundamental frequency as high as possible.. this may explain some of the 'lift in the upper bass, lower mid range area'... almost impossible to get everything to work in very small rooms. There is just no way to avoid some of the boundary interference issues....
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