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  Guys:  Is the RNP as good as the Brent Averill API stuff?  Or is it "good for it's price?"  I hear good things about both, but which is a more "pro" unit?

i haven't heard either unit, but i'm a flag waving lover of API designs.  i really love the sound of that stuff.

i had two RNC's and sold them to a friend.  i didn't like them and could never really get them to work for me.

that being said, i'd try to get some demo units of both pres and try em out for yourself.

most dealers will hold a credit card number, ship you the unit (on your dime) and let you check it out.  you call em after a few days and tell them you're keeping it, or sending it back (again, on your dime).  paying for shipping seems like a really cheap way to demo gear to me.

they don't sound alike at all, i don't know how i'd answer that at all. and i do like the FMR gear, so i do have an rnc and rnp around that i'll keep. the question is not about pro, it's about whether you want a super clean sound or one with a little more color.


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